Niuean Language Week 2023 - Dr Beau Carrasco
Doctor Beaudicia Carrasco (Dr Beau) has served as a medical registrar at Etu Pasifika Canterbury for numerous years. She is of mixed Niuean and Chilean descent, and her motivation to pursue a career in medicine stems from her inspiring mother.

“Growing up my mum has always been my biggest inspiration, and still is. She worked as a nurse and then diabetes nurse specialist for a number of years and inspired me to pursue medicine” shares Carrasco.  

 One of Dr Beau's passions is providing service to the Pacific community. She makes a significant impact as a dedicated Niuean doctor, not only in the care she offers to her patients but also through her contributions to her colleagues. 

 “My cultural identity is extremely important to me. It has given me a stable and loving upbringing and has instilled in me certain values that have guided me throughout life 

 I connect to my culture through family.  I love connecting and spending time with my Niuean family as it helps reinforce my identity”  

 For Carrasco, the future looks promising. She plans to continue with her passions. 

 “I would love to continue working at a pacific health practice, providing essential health care to our pacific community as a general practitioner”  

 She also has experience working in Niue during her years of study. 

 “I have been to Niue. I also spent a few months during my final year of medical school working at the hospital in Niue. It was such a fun and rewarding experience."  

"I love how untouched much of the island still is and how friendly and welcoming the people are.” 

 Dr Carrasco also shared some advice for young aspiring Pacific medical students.  

 “Medicine is hard but rewarding and will open up so many different career pathways and will allow you to pursue various opportunities. Keep going”.


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