Movember Wrap Up 2023
Movember is a global fundraiser that sees both men (Mo Brothers) and women (Mo Sisters) come together to help raise awareness for men's physical and mental health.   This year Etu Pasifika Canterbury (EPC) put forward five of their male staff to participate in the movement and it was a true success. The ’MoBros’ set a target of 500 kilometres collectively and hit 530 by the end of the month. They also raised just over $500.00 NZD towards the cause

Each of our “MoBro” participants participated for different reasons and had differing thoughts on the occasion.  

Misimoa Lamositele, a serving health coach at EPC shared his thoughts on Movember, specifically men’s mental health. 

“Men’s mental health and physical health is important to me because we continue to see men struggle silently on their own. It is easy for men to fall into dangerous, self-destructive behaviours rather than seeking professional help. Sometimes, it’s all smiles and fake laughter, the struggles aren’t easy to notice. It means a lot because as Pasifika we grow up in similar households where for generations our parents, our grandparents and our role models never received therapy and support. Creating awareness help reduces the rates of suicide and encourages our people to seek help.” 

Clinical director for EPC, Doctor Sam Ah Mu, said it was a great initiative with his work colleagues and a different way to promote and communicate men’s health.  

“I really enjoyed participating in Movember with my work colleagues. Coming together to support men’s health this month was important to us as we hoped it would inspire others to look after their health and to seek help if needed." 

"It was a different way for me to have a discussion about men’s health, people would often comment on the Mo and then it lead to a simple conversation about health”. 


Services manager, Tuilavoni Lama, has taken the lead and responsibility for organizing two gym classes a week at Christchurch’s Les Mills gym for all of EPC's staff. As part of Movember, each class that the boys participated in counted for 10 kilometers. Lama shares his thoughts on participating in Movember this year. 

“Movember just adds more motivation to our 'why' with physical wellbeing. Once you mentally accept that your body will be physically challenged then you’ve passed the first barrier." 

"To go into dark places with your colleagues creates a different type of team connection/bond which I believe, will transfer into delivering quality professional performance. It's a win/win.” 

Others who participated were EPCs recent nurse graduate Leon Haiu, navigator Sitaleki Tonga and health coach Phillip Vaifale.  

Vaifale shared the most challenging part of Movember for him with humour.  

“I’m a naturally active person, so the hardest part for me  was actually growing the Mo because my genes won’t allow me too” 

The boys are looking forward to participating again next year and hopefully expanding the team numbers. 


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