Fijian Language Week 2023 - Akanisi Tagicakibau
Akanisi (Nisi) is one of our superstar administrators at Etu Pasifika Canterbury, our patients will be familiar with her calming voice. Nisi is a proud New Zealand-born Fijian woman who values family and self growth.  

What part of Fiji are you from and were you born in FIji?  
I was born in Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, but I am from Bau Island in Fiji. 

What do you and your family do to keep your culture alive?  

To keep our culture alive within our family, we like to come together. We also enjoy our traditional food.  

Do you have a favourite proverb or saying in Fijian?  

Sega na Leqa which means "no worries". We can get so caught up in life and work and stress over things, but sometimes we just need to sit back and not worry about the little things and just be in the moment. 

A favourite Fijian song you could share?  

At the moment the song that I have blasting through my speakers is Au Toroga Lo 

What is your favourite part about Fiji? The food? The tourism? Church/religion?  

My favourite thing about Fiji is definitely the food. Fresh fruits and the BBQ stands at night. 

 Do you have any tips for those who may be travelling to Fiji? Any must see things?  
You must go down to Suva and check out the BBQ stands that they have at night. If you go to the right one you will be in for a great show and yummy food.  

 What are some common things we see in FIji? - Kids playing rugby? Music always playing? Lots of animals?  
Common thing you see in Fiji is the kids running free with the biggest smiles on their faces and so friendly. 

 How important is family to you?  
Family is the most important thing for me and I am blessed to have a supportive partner and family who have helped me with where I am today and with my children being my constant reminder to keep going and to always strive to be a better version of myself.  


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