Tongan language week 2023 - Vave Hifo
Vave Hifo is one of our health coaches here at Etu Pasifika. To celebrate Tongan language week 2023 we asked Vave some questions about his heritage and what this year's theme means to him

What does it mean for you and your family to be Tongan? 

To be Tongan for myself and my family means to serve the God, King and country. We uphold ancient traditions that can only be carried forward via blood for generations to come. 

What is your favourite Tongan tradition or unique Tongan proverb that is dear to you and your family? 

My favorite family tradition is Fakafamili. Having these gatherings were important as a family to understand and know what was going on with each other, and how to support one another.  

How does this year's theme for Tongan Language week apply to you? 

I believe this is true, because the more you use the language at home and in the community then the more you are able to practice it and keep it real. 

What would you like to see for the Tongan community in the next year? 

We would like Mate Ma’a Tonga to win a world cup. 

I would also like to see more Tongan youth excel in their chosen careers and what they want to do in life. 

Where are you from in Tonga?  

Ko eku fa'e mei kolofo'ou, pea ko eku tamai oku mei kolomotu'a 

If the Tongan language had its own theme song for Tongan Language Week, what music do you think it would be and why? 

Eiki koe ofa a’au – Because this a Hymn, that explains Why God, King and Country are important to the Tongan people.  


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