Our Approach

We believe that Pacific families should determine how, where and when services and support is delivered. We have trained staff who are bi-lingual and will support you as they are part of the same community. Our purpose is to support you to live your best life. Our approach is driven by the following Guiding Values:

Our Values
Aroa (love)

We serve everyone in the spirit of aroa


We are respectful in everything that we do


We act with integrity in all that we do, operating in a transparent and fair manner

To Serve

We exist to serve communities with grace


We lead with courage and humility


We respect and celebrate the diversity of our cultures and communities, there is a place for everyone


Working together with families, communities and partners to improve outcomes


Are important and will be based on trust, care, respect and reciprocity

People and Communities

Are the heart of who we are and influences all that we do

Wotu (exceptional)

We are a unique service


We empower and support families to set their own aspirations and goals


We are innovative in the way we care for communities

How We Deliver

Our passionate and qualified team of professionals across every aspect of our practice are critical to the work we do.

We aim to reassure our families that they are supported with professionalism, respect and integrity.


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