Etu Pasifika Auckland and South Auckland Celebrate Success of Vaccination Drive
Etu Pasifika Auckland (EPA) and South Auckland (EPSA) hosted a highly successful vaccination drive on Saturday, April 20, at the Pasifika Medical Association Head Office in Mount Wellington, Auckland.

The event saw an impressive turnout, doubling the last vaccination drive, with over 400 vaccinations administered to members of the community. 

The drive aimed to address various health concerns, with 372 individuals receiving influenza vaccinations, 29 receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, and 2 each receiving MMR and TdaP vaccinations. Among those vaccinated, 248 were enrolled patients, while 147 were casual attendees. 

In addition to the vaccinations, over 400 vouchers were distributed to participants. The event was proudly sponsored by the Moana Pasifika rugby team, who generously provided 200 tickets to their rugby game along with other merchandise. 

Reflecting on the event, Clinical Director of EPSA, Dr Maryann Heather expressed her delight. 

"It was an amazing day, and working together as a team, it was fantastic to see so many of our community come, especially young kids and the elderly. Despite the rain, it was awesome! All the team had an enjoyable day, and to be able to serve our community this way is an honour and pleasure." 

 Dr Heather extended her gratitude to Falena Prouting, Nursing Director, and Malae Koria, Service Manager, for their exceptional work behind the scenes in organizing the event. 

Falena Prouting extended her thanks to the entire staff and workforce whose efforts ensured the seamless execution of the event. 

“If it weren't for the incredible support from our teams at EPA and EPSA, we wouldn't have been able to serve our communities as effectively as we did on Saturday. ” 

Dr Heather expressed similar views, hoping that there will be many more memorable events to come. 


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