Our Super Saturday Pasifika Vaccination Event is happening THIS Saturday 6 August for Covid-19, Flu & Measles! Check out the details here.

Updates / Super Saturday – an opportunity to inform and encourage our Pacific families
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4 Aug 22
The Pasifika Super Saturday Community Vaccination Event is only two days away and anticipation is building in the Christchurch location as they prepare to host Pacific families at Te Aratai College (formerly known as Linwood College) located on the east side of the city.

“Super Saturday” is hoping to vaccinate as many of the Pacific community to not just keep them healthy over winter but also to prepare them for the country borders re-opening with international travel, provide accessibility for every member of the family to receive different vaccinations and finally to educate and inform families on the importance of and difference between each vaccination.

Three vaccines will be available on the day; Covid boosters, MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) and the Flu jab. 

Director of Nurses for Etu Pasifika Christchurch, Ms Matty Teata is conscious that there are those in the community who are not aware of the positive impact that vaccines for different illnesses can provide so she is looking forward to informing families who come along this Saturday. 

‘It’s important for our families to come along to events like this weekend to get vaccinated and to stay on top of their health because these vaccines that we are providing cover the variety of viruses that we’re impacted with worldwide. Also, with the quick changes of covid-19 variants, it’s important that we provide plenty of opportunity for family to have their boosters and be better prepared for things such as international travel”, says Ms Teata.

Ms Teata is also looking forward to working with Te Aratai College as this is their first event together with Etu Pasifika. Their location is central for many in the Pacific community and Principal, Mr Richard Edmundson has been very accommodating and inclusive. 

“He just gets what it means to serve and look after the community and knows how important it is for us to reach our people and anyone else who doesn’t have easy access to healthcare. Richard has been serving the community with an impressive 20 years in the education sector and has been great to work with”, says Ms Teata. 

The previous Vaccine drives that Etu Pasifika have hosted have been a success and a key reason has been their family centred approach which Ms Teata confirms will be the same this Saturday. 

“I think the way Etu Pasifika delivers vaccinations, whether it was through covid or the multiple vaccines that we provide is ensuring that families are at the heart of the event. This is a journey that is done together and as a family. We look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday”. 

For details of The Pasifika Super Saturday Community Vaccination Event please see flyer below.

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Date: Thursday 04 August 2022  


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