Updates / Get tested and get vaccinated: Call to action for Pacific community in Christchurch
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2 Nov 21
Being vaccinated is the best protection for Pacific communities in tackling the Covid-19 virus, says Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) Dentist and Etu Pasifika Board Member, Dr Tule Misa.

As New Zealand continues to see an increase in the number of positive cases from the Delta community outbreak, Dr Misa stresses that now is the time to protect ourselves and each other by getting vaccinated.

“I can’t emphasize hard enough how important it is to get vaccinated. It’s crucial that people get vaccinated as soon as they can rather than waiting until another outbreak comes along,” she says.

Last week saw the first-time community cases were present in Christchurch, since their move to Alert Level 2. Tonga also recorded their first Covid-19 positive case last week, after the arrival of a chartered flight from Christchurch. 

Dr Misa says as long as Covid-19 is still around, we cannot be complacent. She encourages the Pacific community in Christchurch to play their part in protecting each other from the virus.

“It is very important for each of us to take up the responsibility of getting tested if we have symptoms or have been at a location of interest. We also need to stay home if we are feeling sick. 

Covid-19 continues to be around us and by getting tested when presenting symptoms and being vaccinated, this will help stop the spread of the Delta variant.”

Dr Misa encourages those who are not yet vaccinated to make the decision with their loved ones in mind. 

“I encourage our Pacific community to take action now. Don’t wait until Covid-19 knocks at your door. If you are not vaccinated, do it for your families, children, grandchildren and loved ones. 

When you are vaccinated, you are helping to protect them as well because you’re less likely to spread the virus. That’s why we continue to encourage our Pacific community to get vaccinated.”


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Date: Wednesday 03 November 2021

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