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6 Apr 22
While Covid-19 cases around the country are starting to decline, Etu Pasifika Christchurch through their Covid Hub has continued to help Pacific families during this community outbreak and provide better understanding around what families are entitled to when they go into isolation after testing positive with Covid-19.

Social Worker for Etu Pasifika Christchurch, Ms Edna Soli, says many people are unaware of the Covid-19 Leave Support Scheme which full time or part time workers are entitled to through the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). 

“We’re seeing people use their annual leave or sick leave if they aren’t sick, while in isolation. So, a lot of conversations that we are having over the phone have been raising awareness to our families about their entitlements, especially the leave scheme.

How it works is that employers have to apply for the leave support, however it isn’t mandated in workplaces. So what we do is provide the information to people and encourage them to approach their employers to apply for the subsidy.”

Ms Soli says many families have also been coming through the Etu Covid Hub having not registered their results through the Ministry of Health (MOH), where they can request welfare support. 

“When you test positive, MOH sends you a link to register your Covid results. On that form you can indicate if you need welfare support, which alerts MSD. They also have a dedicated phone line for welfare support (0800 512 337) and that is open everyday from 8am - 8pm.

However, families are coming through to us and have not registered that they are a positive case. Our Admin team at the Covid hub is completing registration online for them or walking them through the process.

People can also request for further financial support, which is income tested. This means that MSD will assess your income and see if you exceed the threshold; if you do they will not be entitled to the financial support. This is where Etu Pasifika can step in to offer support where possible.”

Ms Soli also reminds that those who are not New Zealand residents cannot receive the income support from MSD, however they can come through to the Etu Pasifika Covid Hub if they are in need of welfare support. 


The Etu Pasifika Covid Hub is operating at 173 Montreal Street from 9:00am - 4:30pm.

For anyone needing support, please call 0800 388 434. You do not need to be enrolled at Etu Pasifika to access support.


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Date: Wednesday 06 April 2022

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